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Journalism, Mass Media and Communacation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

News coverage, Mass Media and Communacation - Essay Example Instances of amusement media that have pulled in crowds from various nations and societies incorporate network shows, for example, who needs to be a mogul, computer games such the warrior and sporting events and books, for example, the Harry Porter arrangement (Schmid and Klimmt,pg.253). These types of diversion media have become media relics due to there impact and order of crowd from various societies internationally. The development of J.K Rowling assumed name Harry Porter books and motion pictures has acquired sensational changes and impact the present print and electronic media. This paper looks at the utilization correspondence hypothesis in understanding the connection between media curios and worldwide crowds. So as to accomplish the above goal, the paper investigates crafted by Harry Porter that have become a worldwide media ancient rarity. The worldwide entrance and multiplication of diversion media has affected and impacted different societies in various pieces of the worl d and has added to the change and development of transcultural worldwide crowd. Million duplicates of Harry Porter book arrangement and movies have been dispersed and sold worldwide and individuals keep on being engaged by the book and film arrangement. In mass correspondence, various endeavors have been to comprehend the impact of amusement media on individuals and societies. ... Correspondence speculations can assume a huge job in the request and assessment of amusement media from Harry Porter and additionally comprehension of the manners by which they add to worldwide media ancient rarity database. The crowd valuation for Harry Porter has the key character has been the establishment and key to the accomplishment of Harry Porter books and movies. Parasocial collaboration hypothesis is one of the correspondence speculations that can help clarify the motivation behind why Harry Porter’s book arrangement and movies have become a media curio and a type of worldwide amusement media. Since days of yore when TV was created, watchers have detailed enthusiastic holding with media characters. Parasocial cooperation hypothesis depends on the prompt mental reactions of media clients to media characters comparable to introduction minutes or periods (Griffin,pg.157). Parasocial association is shown when individuals react to a media figure as if the individual in qu estion or it were a genuine individual. Parasocial collaborations definition was initially limited to mean the semi social communications that were shown during the length of the review understanding yet the definition was later extended to incorporate the drawn out connections that are shaped among watchers and media figures which is later talked about in this paper under Parasocial connections (Tuchakinsky,pg.72). Media figures can introduce themselves in various shapes and structures and they may incorporate newsreaders that we may know or anecdotal characters whose personality can be vague or hard to decide. Parasocial cooperation tries to address the inquiry as whether we are reacting to the media

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Closely Examine the Character of Melanie in Hitchcock’s the Birds Free Essays

The Birds is a suspenseful thrill ride coordinated by Alfred Hitchcock. It revolves around Melanie, a youthful city young lady, who ventures into peril into a little beach front town called Bodega Bay to pull a viable trick on a potential sweetheart, Mitch. A progression of heartbreaking Bird assaults follow her and wreck ruin on the town and its occupants. We will compose a custom exposition test on Intently Examine the Character of Melanie in Hitchcock’s the Birds or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now As the film advances, Melanie attempts, on a few events, to conflict with the accepted practice of ladies of the 1950’s; each time she does she gets rebuffed and bit by bit pulverized until she turns into the predominant ideology.At the beginning of the film, Melanie appears to be solid and autonomous. From the balance she is viewed as a maverick. In the principal scene she is first observed strolling down a road in a fitted coat and pencil skirt, this was viewed as excessively provocative and was not the typical clothing standard for a 1950’s lady; the standard would be a dress with either a swing skirt or a poodle skirt. Alongside the fitted garments, Melanie has totally prepped hair and completely painted fingernails; these are indications of her passionate state and will change all through the film. Additionally in this scene the crowd can hear a wolf whistle from a man coordinated at Melanie, she turns and grins, telling the crowd that she appreciates male consideration and is agreeable and certain about the city condition. In the following scene, Melanie is in a flying creature shop. This is when Mitch is first observed; when Melanie first observes Mitch she promptly gets coquettish and believes that she is in charge of what's going on, when truly Mitch is in charge as he most likely is aware precisely who Melanie is while she doesn't have the foggiest idea who he is.After Mitch pulls a down to earth trick on Melanie in the fowl shop, Melanie decides to address him once more, and when she discovers that he isn't remaining in his home in the city yet in a modest community up the coast, Bodega Bay, she sets out on her own little pragmatic joke. This excursion will remove her from her usual range of familiarity, the city, and put her in obscure environmental factors and at last r isk. During the drive, Melanie looks extremely priggish however is uninformed that she is venturing into danger.The activities of the two love winged creatures in their enclosure and the speed of the vehicle are intentionally made to look phony as to hush the crowd in to an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world and to veil the risk to come, this ties into the class of double dealing that is seen all through the film. When Melanie arrives at Bodega Bay, it is very evident that she is strange; all the town’s residents are calmly dressed which stands out from Melanie’s flawless hair and nails and her fitted garments. Melanie is treated as curiosity by the residents that she encounters.After she pulls her pragmatic trick on Mitch at his home, she races him back to Bodega Bay yet he beats her and stands hanging tight for her. The state of mind is cheerful as the two characters are grinning however the disposition changes to turn out to be intense as Melanie is struck by a seagull on the head. This is the principal feathered creature assault and the first run through, of many, that Mitch is there to safeguard her from threat. After the assault Melanie is created by and by yet her gloves are blood recolored and she doesn't wear them once more, representing that her first layer of security is gone.This first assault is the beginning of Melanie’s certain and free outside being pecked away by the winged creatures. After the assault Melanie returns to Mitch’s and meets his mom, an exceptionally requesting and controlling lady. In these couple of scenes where they are together Melanie is seen with high point camera shots, indicating that she is feeble and weak in their home, while Lydia is seen with low edge camera shots, showing her capacity and predominance over the family and Melanie.In their next experience their jobs in the family unit switch: Lydia getting fragile and powerless though Melanie is presently prevailing and in charge. The following huge change in Melanie’s character and passionate state is during the fowl assault on the gas station. Melanie shows a demonstration of freedom and insubordination by taking safe house in a Telephone Box, away from the security of Mitch and other men, however when she attempts to get out again she is assaulted by the winged creatures, in the end the glass boards of the Telephone box break, speaking to her fragility.High point appears, by and by, that Melanie is feeble and frail. The paint on her fingernails is as yet unblemished however her hair isn't as prepared as it began, meaning that her passionate state and autonomy has been harmed again and she has been rebuffed for her demonstration of disobedience. For the subsequent time, Mitch needs to come and salvage Melanie from the winged creatures, indicating that she is turning out to be increasingly more reliable on the security of men, particularly Mitch. During the penultimate assault by the winged creatures Melanie’s perspective changes nce once more: she has recaptured her quality and has assumed control over the job of mother of the family. This is appeared by low point camera shots and in her activities. When Mitch’s sister, Cathy, becomes ill, it is Melanie, not the mother, that takes her to the kitchen. Be that as it may, these snapshots of rebellion are brief, for after the flying creatures seem to have gone out, Melanie hears winged animal sounds originating from the upper room and climbs the steps, all alone, to perceive what it is.She wavers at the entryway of the storage room, there is a nearby of her hand and her nails are as yet flawless, and when she opens the entryway, she does so just to discover a herd of fowls which assault her pitilessly. This, her last demonstration of freedom, finishes in a fiasco and her demolition as an autonomous lady. For the last opportunity Mitch arrives to protect Melanie from the winged animals. Melanie’s decimation is represented by her gazing tousled and enclosed upward by wraps. Mitch then conveys Melanie to the vehicle, showing Melanie’s absolute reliance on Mitch.Melanie’s obliteration is at last represented by an extraordinary close up of her nails, which are totally broken and chipped. The manners by which Melanie changes through the span of The Birds, her attitude could be contrasted with a yo-yo. Toward the beginning she was totally free and independent, however during various pieces of the film she either lost a portion of her autonomy or increased a few. Before the finish of the film, Melanie winds up being the total inverse of what she headed out to be. Toward the end she was absolutely reliant on Mitch and had lost all autonomy. Making her the prevailing belief system of a lady of the 1950’s. The most effective method to refer to Closely Examine the Character of Melanie in Hitchcock’s the Birds, Papers

Machinal as a Play Written in Anger.

Machinal was composed by Sophie Treadwell, a lady endeavoring to positively shape a male overwhelmed society and in a male commanded work circle (as a writer and dramatist). This was in when it was viewed as a precept of public activity to acknowledge a woman’s job was to encourage the life of the man to whom she has a place. To reach over the kitchen rack and endeavor men’s work or to enter the men’s world was disapproved of and was rebuffed by the social framework. A lady in an inappropriate field or working socially as equivalent to a male would either need to work under an alternate, male, character or be met by extreme analysis and sex based separation, her works generally disregarded or authoritatively excused as second rate. The dramatist draws on her involvement in and sharpness against the social machine (thus the name Machinal, French for machine like) and tells the story of a normal everywoman who spends her whole, short, life looking for opportunity from the job society has thrown her in. Her job as characterized by society is that of what the general public being referred to thinks about any good all around reproduced young lady. She is initially a parental figure for her mother’ working at an occupation that causes her to feel choked to win enough to deal with them two. Next she turns into a buddy, embellishment (he picked her for her hands) and sexual accomplice for her better half who â€Å"buys her† by accommodating her mom and ensuring she no longer needs to work at the specific employment she despises lastly she turns into a mother thinking about her little girl not in light of any feeling of adoration but since society won't permit her to surrender the kid. These different jobs bring forth her fierceness pushing her to upheavals of fury and hostile to social conduct and unexpectedly in their peak lead to a homicide dependent on feel sorry for, not for herself however for her better half. In view of the possibility that the play depended freely on Treadwell’s encounters in a man’s world and the notorious murderess †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. it tends to be expected that the feelings that Helen (young lady) encounters are echoes, or maybe rather increased pictures of her emotions. Her mom talks with the voice of society, having been the one to raise her to be detained in reality as we know it where she will never genuinely encounter opportunity. Her mom is an image of how dug in the principles of the machine are. Having in her time experienced, definitely, a similar concealment as her little girl she was as yet incapable to imagine an actual existence outside the machine or to offer that opportunity to her kid. Rather she denies her the slight delight she found in wedding a man who spoke to her demanding that she rather take the functional course of wedding the man with the most noteworthy salary however what she is offered is a spoiled yet void life. It is faulty in the event that she in reality cherishes her little girl or basically bothers her since it is her strategy for keeping her in line. It starts to appear as if she essentially guarantees that she herself will be dealt with, so a rich spouse her little girl is a chance to seize, not for Helens advantage however for hers. This would show that inside the machine every single relational connection are dictated by such reasonable contemplations as where the force, particularly in financial terms untruths and this is consistently with the men. What is left to the ladies is just as much as possible wrest from one another by control and misleading. This might be what young lady acknowledges making her undermine her mom; that she doesn't in truth love her and basically utilizes her in and for the reasons that suit her. This They motivate the youthful not especially taught or insightful lady to solidify the cognizance of her condition however it is one that has been constrained on her since earliest stages and is viewed as ordinary by the remainder of the machine and her complaint and restriction of it compactly in her announcement â€Å"I won't submit† which she rehashes like a mantra. This is a job that genuinely doesn't rouse her, that of mother, spouse and little girl. Despite the fact that she should likewise persevere through her mother’s pestering. She is controlled even unwittingly by men who like her significant other who don't perceive their mastery She doesn't care for or love him and loathes him since she didn't decide to wed him yet had to by her mom, and through her mom, society’s desires for her. Additionally at the hour of the marriage she despised his â€Å"fat pressing† hands which to her spoke to mistreatment. he saw it as the lesser of two disasters since it would give the way to give to her mom and getaway her. It would likewise mean she no longer needed to work, being unsuited (or so it appears) to a structure. She likewise weds him in spite of a solid dislike for him since it is acknowledged by society that a lady gets hitched and has kids. This is perhaps the primary significant capitulation in her life. The first occasio n when she could be said to have had a decision toward her life and in her endeavoring to discover or look after her (relative) opportunity. Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

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ICT Project Management The Project Implementation

Question: Portray about the ICT Project Management for The Project Implementation. Answer: Presentation The undertaking the executives is the most indispensable piece of the task usage. The venture the executives chooses the objectives and the way of the undertaking (Kerzner 2013). Subsequently it tends to be seen that, without legitimate task the executives and administrator the undertaking goes haywire. This report plans to talk about the different undertaking the board strategies that are utilized for the board of the task. Different hypothetical ideas will be talked about in this report with regards to IT anticipates. Undertaking the executives ideas Each undertaking is novel, as the different parameters that are required for the venture change. On account of the IT anticipates, the most significant asset is the mastery which is trailed by the parts for execution. The undertaking implantation can be partitioned into seven phases which are the recognizable proof of the goals, course of events, multifaceted nature, nature of the task, assets, structure of the association, and the control framework (Burke 2013). For the administration of these parts, two significant procedures are accessible, which are prescient undertaking the executives strategy and versatile venture the board strategies. Prescient venture the executives strategy The prescient task the executives procedure is the technique wherein the different procedure parameters are considered by the particulars that have been proposed by the customer. In this strategy all the assets adding to the improvement is taken and afterward the venture is begun with all the dangers and the possibilities as a top priority. This strategy helps in understanding the task possibilities and the necessities of the undertaking, which thus brings about fruitful culmination of the venture (Schwalbe 2015). Since the premonition is accessible for the task the course of events carefully follows and changes are exceptionally hard to suit. The accompanying five stages are followed while dealing with an undertaking: Hazard evaluation In this stage a definite survey in done on the issue. The survey helps in assurance of the unpredictability of the undertaking which thusly helps in assurance of the degree of control of the parameters of the venture that will help in the fruitful conveyance of the task to the customer. Organized audit This stage is the progression of the past stage however rather than the customers the task improvement partners are met, and their inputs are considered (Hwang and Ng 2013). This audit helps in further reinforcing the remain of the undertaking director who is answerable for choosing the game-plan of the venture usage. Prescient investigation The prescient investigation helps in understanding the yield of the product that will be created by the undertaking group. In this stage, the key venture trait is imparted to the partners with the assistance of the business experts and the undertaking supervisor. This stage can likewise be named as the engineering advancement stage. Prototyping After the improvement of the building stages, the model is created by the engineering of the product. Since the design of the product is grown just one taking all the prerequisites of the product to be built up this procedure isn't versatile. After the task is created, the product is fit to be tried and audit. Testing and report age The testing of the product is a significant stage as the bugs of the product assumes an imperative job in the disappointment. After the bugs of the product are discovered the last change is done in the product which is trailed by the survey and the conveyance (Bryman and Bell 2015). The documentation is done in detail for conveyance of the product and tracking the turn of events. The acclaimed prescient model is the cascade model. Fig 1: speaks to the well known cascade model (As made by creator) Versatile undertaking the executives procedures The versatile task the executives procedure is the one where the constant improvement is given the prime significance. The arranging of the undertaking is done in the underlying stages, yet the usage is done in various stages that are a cycle of the procedure that can be found in the outline beneath. The interior circle shows the item advancement and the external circle demonstrates the item arranging and documentation. After the arranging has been done, the undertaking is executed in stages and cycles (Gomez-Exposito Conejo and Canizares 2016). In the event that a change is proposed in the framework the arranging is done in like manner and is executed in the following cycle. Since the product improvement is inclined to changes this procedure model superior to different models. Fig 2: Represents the acclaimed spry advancement model (As made by creator) The improvement of the venture is done in following six stages (Highsmith 2013): Arranging stage The underlying arranging is done in this stage, and the design of the product engineering is done that will be actualized in chose emphasess. Investigation stage As indicated by the division of the prerequisites, the examination of the necessities is done that helps in understanding the necessity as per which the programming must be finished. Configuration stage In the plan stage, the structural plan of the venture is made by which the task must be executed this format causes the software engineers to do the programming of the framework. Coding stage The coding of the undertaking is finished with the assistance of the engineering structure according to the prerequisites. Testing stage The product is tried in this stage for the identification of the bugs which is wiped out in the emphasis. Sending stage The sending stage is the last stage where the product is introduced to the customer, and the input is given with respect to the product (Conforto et al. 2014). In the event that more necessities spring up during this stage the execution time and the cost increments, yet the prerequisites can be obliged in the framework. End IT anticipate the executives is progressively dull contrasted with the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) strategies. The conventional techniques lay more accentuation on the course of events however for the execution of the IT anticipates the most versatile procedures are being proposed which offers greater adaptability to the product improvement which is more individuals escalated contrasted with the customary strategies which are more asset and time-driven. Both the techniques the prescient and the versatile strategies and been clarified in detail in the report which has helped in understanding the essential contrast between them. References Kerzner, H.R., 2013.Project administration: a frameworks way to deal with arranging, planning, and controlling. John Wiley Sons. Burke, R., 2013. Venture the board: arranging and control techniques.New Jersey, USA. Schwalbe, K., 2015.Information innovation venture the executives. Cengage Learning. Hwang, B.G. what's more, Ng, W.J., 2013. Venture the board information and abilities for green development: Overcoming challenges.International Journal of Project Management,31(2), pp.272-284. Bryman, A. also, Bell, E., 2015.Business research strategies. Oxford University Press, USA. Gmez-Expsito, A., Conejo, A.J. also, Caizares, C. eds., 2016.Electric vitality frameworks: examination and activity. CRC Press. Highsmith, J., 2013.Adaptive programming advancement: a community oriented way to deal with overseeing complex frameworks. Addison-Wesley. Conforto, E.C., Salum, F., Amaral, D.C., da Silva, S.L. what's more, de Almeida, L.F.M., 2014. Can light-footed venture the executives be received by enterprises other than programming development?.Project Management Journal,45(3), pp.21-34.

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Identifying Eating Disorders

Identifying Eating Disorders Eating Disorders Diagnosis Print How Eating Disorders Are Identified By Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS facebook twitter linkedin Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, is a certified eating disorders expert and clinical psychologist who provides cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Learn about our editorial policy Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on January 19, 2018 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on August 09, 2019 More in Eating Disorders Diagnosis Symptoms Treatment Awareness and Prevention If you’re coming to this page, it’s probably because you’ve noticed some problems with your eating or your weight. Or maybe someone else has expressed concern about your weight, appearance, or eating behavior. Maybe someone has suggested you have an eating disorder and you don’t believe it. You should know, though, that this is a common symptom of the illness. It can be hard to confront the possibility of an eating disorder. It is common to feel scared, confused, and ashamed. Real-life eating disorders are very different than how they are often portrayed in popular media. Eating disorders are not a choice or a symptom of vanity. They are serious mental illnesses caused by a combination of biological, environmental, and psychological factors. They can affect anyoneâ€"people of any gender, age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. You do not have to be underweight to have an eating disorder. Maybe friends and family have been expressing concerns about your weight loss. Maybe you are feeling increasingly scared around activities involving food. Maybe you’re feeling a loss of control around food. Maybe you’re spending more time at the gym and missing social activities. How do you know whether any of these issues are signs of a more serious problem? How do you know when a diet has gone too far? It can be hard to know! Warning Signs Some signs of an eating disorder can look a lot like behaviors that our culture considers virtuous. It can be hard to admit you have a problem when people around you are dieting, complimenting your weight loss, or asking for diet tips. Or you may feel ashamed about certain behaviors such as bingeing, purging, eating in secret, using laxatives, or chewing and spitting. So, what are some of the warning signs? Significant weight loss (or among growing children, a failure to gain weight)A food preoccupation that interferes with the ability to concentrateEngaging in bingeing, purging, or laxative useHiding food or secret eatingRefusing to eat with or extreme anxiety eating in front of othersFollowing strict dietary rules and experiencing distress if you break themAvoidance of foods previously enjoyedForgoing social, school, or work obligations in order to exerciseSignificant anxiety and self-consciousness regarding body shape or size Types of Disorders Each of the eating disorders has their own specific criteria. The most common eating disorders are: Binge eating disorder (BED)â€"involves consuming large amounts of food in a discrete period of time and the feeling that the eating is out of one’s control.Bulimia nervosaâ€"involves episodes of bingeing (out of control eating) alternating with behaviors aimed to compensate for the binges. These compensatory behaviors include fasting, overexercising, vomiting, and using laxatives.Anorexia nervosaâ€"involves restricted eating and maintenance of a lower than expected weight along with a fear of weight gain and distorted body image.Other specified feeding and eating disorder (OSFED)â€"a category for anyone who has a significant issue with eating that does not neatly fall into one of the primary categories. Sometimes people with OSFED have some symptoms of one disorder and some of another. Or sometimes they fall just short of meeting the full criteria. This does not mean that they do not still suffer greatly.   While it is not the case that everyone who diets or worries about their eating or weight has a disorder, there is also not a fine line between normal and a problem. There are many individuals who have subclinical eating disorders. Subclinical eating disorders may be steps in the development of a full-blown eating disorder and can be the source of significant suffering in their own right. So, please don’t get caught up in diagnostic criteria if you think you have a problem. What to Do You may be feeling scared. You may be unwilling to admit that you have a problem. You may be ambivalent about getting help. It can be especially hard for some people with certain eating disorders to recognize  that they have a problem. This condition is called anosognosia and it may be related to changes in the brain due to malnutrition. If someone in your life is worried about you and you disagree with them about having a problem, there is a good chance they have a valid concern. Admitting you have a problem is an important first step. Eating disorders can cause serious medical problems and, in some cases, can be deadly. So, it is best to err on the side of caution and seek help for your eating problem. Early intervention increases the chance for a full recovery. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) provides an online eating disorder screening tool. Seeking help is also recommended. NEDA has a confidential toll-free helpline. You can call and speak to a trained volunteer who can offer support and make referrals. The number is 800-931-2237. A Word From Verywell It is common to not feel sick enough and deserving of help. It’s hard to admit you have a problem. Asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do, but it’s so important because eating disorders that aren’t treated can become chronic and dangerous. You do not have to continue to live this way. Please seek help from a qualified professional. Know that getting better is hard work and has its ups and downs, but that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

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Focus on Management at Duke Fuqua

8th Place for Management A quick glance at Duke Fuqua currently ranks in 12th place as one of the best business schools, according to US News World Report (March 2012). It is ranked in 8th place for management.  Ã‚   Duke Fuqua’s Class of 2014 and Management The class of 2014 Daytime MBA class size is 432 students with an average age of 29. 99.3% of students entered with work experience; the average years of work experience is 5.4 years. The 80% range of students scored between 640 and 740 on the GMAT and have an undergraduate GPA of 2.9 to 3.9. Engineering and Natural Sciences is the highest represented major (32% of students). Following close after that is the Business and Accounting major (31%), followed by Liberal Arts (20%), Economics (13%), and Other (3%). Fuqua Academics Related to Management Since obtaining global knowledge is a foundational element of the Duke Fuqua mission, the two-year program kicks off with a four-week Global Institute featuring three core courses. Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations Global Institutions and Environments Consequential Leadership To continue their global business training, student will receive opportunities to experience international business and cultural practices head-on in other countries with the  Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE)   and various exchange programs. Mini-Terms with Lots of Classes To receive as much knowledge as possible, terms at Fuqua are broken up into six-week periods – that means that each â€Å"traditional† semester (Fall and Spring) is actually broken down into two sessions for a total of four groups of classes per year. First Year Classes Fall 1 Probability and Statistics Managerial Economics Financial Accounting Management Communication I Business Computer Applications Core course in  finance for those with exemptions Fall 2 Global Financial Management Marketing Management Foundations of Strategy Management Communication II Potential elective if core is exempted or taken in Fall 1 Winter Term Optional elective: Workshop in Managerial Improvisation Spring 1 Operations Management Elective Elective Spring 2 Elective Elective Elective Second Year: Students general take three elective courses per term. Choosing a Concentration and Elective Courses Students can choose to focus on a specialized concentration (see list of concentrations here) and then choose six elective courses in that area. Specializing in a concentration is optional; student may concentrate in up to two areas. There are a number of concentrations that would be of interest to management students, including Management, Leadership Ethics, Operations Management, and Strategy. (Lists of required courses can be found if you click on any of the above links.) Students who are interested in health care management may enroll in the Health Sector Management (HSM) certificate program. You can read about the certificate requirements here. Fuqua Management Clubs, Competitions, and Conferences Asset Management Club Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership Ethics (COLE) General Management Club International Business Club 2012 Management Hiring Stats at Duke Fuqua The chart below shows the class of 2012 full-time employment stats for management students: Function Percent of Grads Mean Salary ($) Median Signing Bonus ($) General Management 10% 104,334 20,000 Business Development 3% 91,875 20,000 Management Development Program 3% 106,300 20,000 For class of 2013 interns (for the summer of 2012), the breakdown goes as follows: Function Percent of Interns Mean Monthly Salary ($) General Management 8% 7,158 Business Development 4% 4,839 Management Development Program 2% 8,771 International Business Development 2% N/A Brand/Product Management 1% N/A See a list of hiring companies for 2011-2012 here. Are you applying to Duke’s Fuqua School of Business? Please see our Duke Fuqua B-School Zone and Fuqua Application Packages for more information on how Accepted.com can help you get accepted. //

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Analysis Of The Book Uncle Tom s Cabin - 864 Words

Lauren Drake Ms. Jenkins English 13 November 2014 North and South â€Å"Scenes of blood and cruelty are shocking to our ear and heart† but there are many of them in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe 272). Uncle Tom, Augustine St. Clare, Evangeline St. Claire, and Eliza Harris are just a few of the main characters in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s amazing story about being taken captive and set free. The book has many settings; the main locations being Canada, New Orleans, and a plantation in Kentucky. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a book that has shaped the past and will continue to shape the future. The book opens with Arthur Shelby, a Kentucky farmer, struggling to keep his farm because of debt. He and his wife Emily Shelby believe that they have a†¦show more content†¦Her father, Augustine St. Clare, buys Tom and assigns him the job of being the family driver. Tom and Eva both share a faith in Jesus Christ and bond over reading of scriptures and singing of hymns. Eliza, during her escape, meets up with her husband, George, who has also run away. They are adamant about getting to Canada soon, but their trip is halted by the discovery of a slave hunter named Tom Loker. Tom Loker surrounds them, but then is wounded by a gunshot to the side. In New Orleans Mr. St. Claire buys a slave girl, Topsy, for his cousin, Mrs. Ophelia to teach. Mrs. Ophelia complains that Topsy is not compliant or willing to learn. Soon Eva and Topsy became good friends. After Topsy knew Eva loved her, â€Å"Topsy did not become at once a saint; but the life and death of Eva did work a marked change in her. The callous indifference was gone; there was now sensibility, hope, desire, and the striving for good – a strife irregular, interrupted, suspended oft, but yet renewed again† (Stowe 126). Eva grows very ill, very quickly, and before she dies she gives a piece of her hair to all of the slaves to remember her. Also, before she dies, St. Claire agrees to free Tom upon his death. But before St. Claire can follow through on his promise, he gets injured in a bar room brawl and dies soon after. Marie, St. Clare s wife, recants St. Clare s promise to