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Analysis Of The Book Uncle Tom s Cabin - 864 Words

Lauren Drake Ms. Jenkins English 13 November 2014 North and South â€Å"Scenes of blood and cruelty are shocking to our ear and heart† but there are many of them in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe 272). Uncle Tom, Augustine St. Clare, Evangeline St. Claire, and Eliza Harris are just a few of the main characters in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s amazing story about being taken captive and set free. The book has many settings; the main locations being Canada, New Orleans, and a plantation in Kentucky. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a book that has shaped the past and will continue to shape the future. The book opens with Arthur Shelby, a Kentucky farmer, struggling to keep his farm because of debt. He and his wife Emily Shelby believe that they have a†¦show more content†¦Her father, Augustine St. Clare, buys Tom and assigns him the job of being the family driver. Tom and Eva both share a faith in Jesus Christ and bond over reading of scriptures and singing of hymns. Eliza, during her escape, meets up with her husband, George, who has also run away. They are adamant about getting to Canada soon, but their trip is halted by the discovery of a slave hunter named Tom Loker. Tom Loker surrounds them, but then is wounded by a gunshot to the side. In New Orleans Mr. St. Claire buys a slave girl, Topsy, for his cousin, Mrs. Ophelia to teach. Mrs. Ophelia complains that Topsy is not compliant or willing to learn. Soon Eva and Topsy became good friends. After Topsy knew Eva loved her, â€Å"Topsy did not become at once a saint; but the life and death of Eva did work a marked change in her. The callous indifference was gone; there was now sensibility, hope, desire, and the striving for good – a strife irregular, interrupted, suspended oft, but yet renewed again† (Stowe 126). Eva grows very ill, very quickly, and before she dies she gives a piece of her hair to all of the slaves to remember her. Also, before she dies, St. Claire agrees to free Tom upon his death. But before St. Claire can follow through on his promise, he gets injured in a bar room brawl and dies soon after. Marie, St. Clare s wife, recants St. Clare s promise to

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The Effects Of Microbial Cell Culture On Human Development...

ABSTRACT Microbial cell culture techniques are essentially needed in order to culture microbes so that it helps in various fields of biology such as households products, curing certain diseases, also in sewage management. Microbes are needed in almost every fields in one of the other ways we need to culture them in required conditions in order to cure manlier diseases and for the production of many products, also it plays a very important role in sewage disposal plants therefore microbes plays a very significant role in human development needs. Microbes isolation and its proper usage needs to be understand well for this study of MICROBIOLOGY is done. Therefore proper microbe culturing its isolation its enrichment needs to be well known. INTRODUCTION MICROBIAL CELL CULTURES TECHNIQUES Microbial cultures are foundational and basic diagnostic methods used extensively as a in research tool in molecular It is important to have pure culture isolation. A pure culture is a population of cells as a multicellular organisms growing in the absence of other species or types. A method in which microbes are cultured by letting them reproduce in the predominated culture media under controlled laboratory conditions, its abundance in the medium being checked before contamination and after contamination. It is one of the primary diagnostic method of microbiology and used as a tool to determine by letting the agent multiply in aShow MoreRelatedModern Medicine : The Traditional Medicine System1388 Words   |  6 PagesPlant as a source of Medicine: The traditional medicine system that involves use of medicinal plants for curing various human and animal diseases is as old as human society. Most of the people living in rural areas depend on herbal medicines for treatment of some common diseases such as cold, cough, fever, bronchitis, asthma, stomach ache and many more. This is because people in rural and semi urban areas are devoid of proper medical facilities and since plants are easily available for them, theyRead MoreBiological Macromolecule Polyhydroxybuty rate ( Phb )1447 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysis. The renewable nature and biodegradability of PHBs make them suitable materials to replace synthetic plastics in many applications. Currently their production is expensive, but these plastics are only in their first stage of commercial development. In the present study the physico-chemical parameters such as Time, Temperature and pH were optimized for increased production of PHB. It was found that maximum production of PHB was observed at 48th hour (328 µg/ml) of incubation time, temperatureRead MoreResearch Papet1558 Words   |  7 Pages(Henrietta Lacks)HeLa Cell Lines Medical researchers use laboratory-grown human cells to learn the intricacies of how cells work and test theories about the causes and treatment of diseases. The cell lines they need are â€Å"immortal†Ã¢â‚¬â€they can grow indefinitely, be frozen for decades, divided into different batches and shared among scientists. In 1951, a scientist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, created the first immortal human cell line with a tissue sample taken from a young blackRead MoreThe Effect Of Breast Condition On Somatic Cell Count Essay2076 Words   |  9 Pages3. Results Effect of breast condition in somatic cell count Somatic cell count (SCC) analysis in milk is the most sensitive and valid way for knowing breast health. Moreover Somatic cells are a reflection of the immune response to intramammary infection. An increase in the Somatic cell count is linked to the inflammatory responses generated by the immune cells in response to bacterial infection which increase the somatic cell from 104cells/ µL (infected breast) (Figure 1). The moderate negative linearRead MoreThe Advent of Penicillin Essay675 Words   |  3 Pagesand continued attention has been paid to penicillins further development. It is because penicillin and its derivatives have played such a vital role in everyday medicine that it is such an important topic. Penicillin works by virtue of its beta-lactam ring that specifically binds to microbial enzymes in bacterial cell walls, and keeps the cell membrane structures from linking up. Eventually, if the bacterium keeps dividing, the cell membrane will become increasingly weaker and lyse. The beta-lactamRead MoreThe Human Aging Of Cancer Cells ( Green And Ariyan 2014 )1443 Words   |  6 PagesPopulation evolution and microbial life are a major component in biological applications today. Microbial life is being discovered everywhere and these microbes can have major positive and impacts on society. Some microbes can promote increased human immunity to certain diseases like Cancer (Green and Ariyan 2014) or can potentially decrease the human aging process (Ghose 2014). For example, current clinic trials are now using microbes to help increase the rate at which T-cells can respond to the presenceRead MoreModern-Day Vaccine Development Raising Eyebrows Essay1580 Words   |  7 PagesIntrod uction Vaccine development is an old and complicated process, often requires more than a decade to complete. The modern system of vaccine development, regulation and testing was developed during the 20th century. To engender a vaccine mediated immunization or protection has been a major challenge. Presently available vaccines work primarily through the induction of the antigen specific antibodies. The effectiveness of any vaccine is determined by the quality of the antibodies, as their workRead MorePopulation Evolution And Microbial Life1263 Words   |  6 PagesPopulation evolution and microbial life are a major component in biological applications today. Microbial life is being discovered everywhere and these microbes can have major positive and impacts on society. Some microbes can promote increased human immunity to certain diseases like Cancer (Green and Ariyan 2014) or can potentially decrease the human aging process (Ghose 2014). For example, current clinical trials are now using m icrobes to help increase the rate at which T-cells can respond to the presenceRead MoreEssay On The Killer Strain1368 Words   |  6 Pagesstrain. Inferable from this third part, pairwise joint efforts among the strains have the nontransitive structure of the youth session of shake scissors paper (Bagenda et al. 2007). The creator strain beats the sensitive strain, inferable from the effects of the toxic substance on the last said. The sensitive strain beats the sheltered strain in light of the way that elite the last perseveres through the cost of security. In an unstructured area, this redirection grants incidental cycles, in whichRead MoreNihms4511 Words   |  19 Pages9(4): 244–253. doi:10.1038/nrmicro2537. The skin microbiome $watermark-text Elizabeth A. Grice and Julia A. Segre Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 20892–4442, USA. Abstract $watermark-text The skin is the human body’s largest organ, colonized by a diverse milieu of microorganisms, most of which are harmless or even beneficial to their host. Colonization is driven by the ecology

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The Hazards of Climate Change Essay - 1776 Words

Going into this class I was only vaguely aware of the hazards of the changing climate and the dangerous effects of global warming that are becoming evident in our environment. The material that I have learned in this class has allowed me to have a much better understanding of how important it is to do my best to prevent these negative effects on the environment. It is extremely critical for the inhabitants of the world to learn to stop destroying the environment, to focus on decreasing these negative effects, and to maintain a strong and healthy world for us to live in. Climate can be any type of pattern or action that a general area of land experiences over a certain time period, such as: precipitation, temperature, or wind pressures.†¦show more content†¦Although this sounds like a small number, the sea level is expected to rise about 12 centimeters in the next 50 years. Every centimeter higher that the ocean rises results in about 1 meter in lost beach. These consequences indicate a positive feedback process . A positive feedback process occurs when ‘smaller’ problems increase the rate of reaction, leading to much bigger problems. A good example of a positive feedback process can be found in the Impact and Remediation file: the warming climate leads to wetlands increasing; wetlands release harmful greenhouse gases, which warm the climate even further. Major climate change in many ecosystems can result in added stress and, sometimes, death to many of the animal and plant species throughout the world. Also, these extreme clima te changes affect many people’s lifestyles through effects on things like agriculture and the manufacturing of certain wood products. Through my research, I also noticed that wealthier and more developed nations will be much better off than under-developed and poorer countries when dealing with agriculture changes. Since the world’s supply of agriculture could be severely hampered, the world’s food supply would take a major hit, eventually causing more and more people to starve. Not only will animal systems and agriculture suffer negative effects, but human health is also a major concern. Many health problems can occur with theShow MoreRelatedThe Himalayas Region1404 Words   |  6 PagesAntarctica, the glaciers provides fresh water to a number of rivers in central Asia to over one billion people downstream (Vaux et al. 2012). However, observed shift in the climate regime from anthropogenic climate change to a warmer weather globally, intensifying rain patterns are increasing the frequency of natural hazards such as landslides and flash flooding (Eriksson, 2009, Ives et al. 2010, IPCC 2013, Singh et al. 2010), threatening the livelihood of the tourism industry. This essay exploresRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On Bangladesh1229 Words   |  5 Pages1. Abstract This report will consider the effects and likely impact of climate change on Bangladesh, the disaster risk management measures that are already in place and those being considered. It will show how these have been influenced by frameworks such as Hyogo and Sendai and where necessary improvements have been identified. Bangladesh has shown a commitment to the development of Disaster Risk Reduction but this needs to be supported by continued development and investment. 2. Figures FigureRead MoreEssay on Moral Hazard Argument Agains Geoengineering1245 Words   |  5 PagesMoral Hazard Argument Against Geoengineering Geoengineering can be a risky option to counter climate change, not just because it is not verified on the results that could happen but the unpredictable changes that it could bring to the Earth and new problems that were never expected. There are many uncertainties dealing with Geoengineering of the climate. Before making a case on which argument against geoengineering poses the most significant challenge, the biggest component is understanding whatRead MoreGeography - Climate Change Essay958 Words   |  4 PagesTitle: Compare and contrast the contributing factors of climate change and argue that there is a need for more economically developed nations to take the lead. Nations around the world have been contributing to climate change by damaging natural environments and releasing greenhouse gases and there is a need for more economically developed nations. There are different contributing factor, but the majority of these contributions are from the more economically developed nations. Although the lessRead MoreEmergency Management. Tehron Cates. North Carolina Central1100 Words   |  5 PagesEmergency Management According to the IPCC (2007), climate change refers to a change in the state of the climate that can be identified (e.g. using statistical tests) by changes in the mean and the variability of its properties, and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer. It refers to any change in climate over time, whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity. Studies suggest that the global climate has been warming and will probably continue to doRead MoreLiterature Report1238 Words   |  5 Pagesimpact of hurricanes during the months from June to October. With the hurricane devastation comes abundant rain, repeated storms and climate changes such as temperature and humidity levels increase. The South Florida coastal population is very much affected by these climate changes, especially by sea level rise. Due to sea level rise, flooding damages and climate changes, the population in the coastal area have a higher incidence of respiratory diseases tha n the rest of South Florida, consequentialRead MoreAre Looking At Target 13.1? Essay934 Words   |  4 Pagescreating a type of defense mechanism for countries vulnerable to climate related hazards and natural disasters, one would first consider how large the number is of geographical areas that are in need of resilience and adaptation. Nowadays, due to technological advances and an exponential improvement in the engineering of man-made structures and shelters, most first world countries do not experience much of an encumbrance from climate change. This narrows down our number and allows the UNFCCC to focusRead MoreClimate change Adaptation Planning: Tourism industry in the Himalaya Region732 Words   |  3 Pagesemployment. As an example, tourism sector contributes 9.4% of GDP and 8.2% of total employment in 2012 for Nepal. (World Travel Tourism Council 2013) The observed impacts of climate change to the livelihood of the tourism industry are the main driver the need of adaptation to ensure future development and prosperity. Climate is one of the primary factor in determining the viability and suitability of tourism activity, where shifting of weather regime and severe weather events directly impact on theRead MoreVolcanic Eruptions and the Atmosphere956 Words   |  4 Pages In what ways do the volcanic gases from volcanic eruptions develop the atmosphere? When a volcano erupts, a plethora of debris and other hazards flows out from the mouth of the volcano. Of this debris, one of the most perilous threats is not only the lava but also any gases that are a product of the eruption. In fact, these gases that are released during, after, and sometimes before an eruption are one of the main culprits as to why volcanos erupt. These gases include, but are not limited to:Read MoreThe Origins Of North America812 Words   |  4 Pagesand is a lso deemed a subcontinent. One thing that shaped North America current physical geography was glaciers. Glaciers are what influence majority of the current landscape of North America today. North America also has a wide range of natural hazards that affects the region more than any other continent, due to the proximity of water and the latitude. The region also has a long history of the influences of the European settlers and help shaped the human geography. The current physical geography

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The Era Of Homer By Homer - 911 Words

The Era of Homer Although we cannot be sure of when Homer lived, we know he played a significant role in the formation of the literature of ancient Greece. Researchers believe that he probably lived somewhere around 8th century BC and was possibly one of the first literate authors. Other theories suggest that he only spoke his epics and they were put into writing by others. Homer’s stories show us the first glimpse of documented information of Greek myth and religion. Most important was the creation of Homer’s writing style named the Homeric epic. He was the first author to write epics and his writing style held strongly as the first major literature of its type in western civilization. Homer is considered a groundbreaking author of his time period because of his reoccurring themes and characteristics, his creation of the epic poem, and his significance to literature. The Homeric epic was a groundbreaking literary style for its time. Because Homer lived so long ag o, we are not sure if it truly was the first of its kind, but it was the first recorded epic and it led the way for many authors after Hector. Many of his works are written to form an epic cycle. The repetition of entire sentences was also a style unique to Homer’s work. It brought emphasis and unity to these sections of the stories. Another literary example he used was hexameter verse. This produced a swift slowing movement to the stories and gave a form of structure to the verse showing Homer’s trueShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Homer s Odyssey, The Epic Of The Classical Era Essay1585 Words   |  7 PagesPaper Assignment 1 Prompt 1 Homer’s Odyssey is one of the many epic of the classical era to give an detailed overlook on the relationship between humans and gods. Odyssey is not just an adventure story about a king struggling to get back home after having gone to war; nor is it one about a son searching for his father after rumors say that he has been dead for many years. The events that take place in Homer’s Odyssey are heavily influenced by the Greek Gods. One can see how the gods interactionRead MoreEssay on Connecting Symbols in A Rose for Emily1248 Words   |  5 Pagesthe short story, â€Å"A Rose for Emily† William Faulkner utilizes a vast collection of symbols, as a means to enhance the reader’s visual perceptions but also prompts consideration into theories of motive surrounding the murder of Homer Barron. Modeled after the post-civil war era of the American south, Falkner transports the reader to the fictitious town of Jefferson and into the home of Miss Emily Grierson, a mysterious figure and longtime resident of Yoknapatawpha County. While the story begins withRead MoreEmily Grierson Motive to Kill Homer Barron1425 Words   |  6 Pagesends up killing her male companion, Homer Barron. A motive is not stated by the narrator, but when read critically a motive can be found. Several Literary critics have proposed different motives of why Emily Grierson killed Homer Barron. Some say that Homer was going to jilt Emily. Although homer was the not the marrying type, there is no evidence that homer was going to leave her. Another motive was that homer was gay. This motive was taken out of context; homer enjoyed being a bachelor, drinkingRead MoreThe Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman985 Words   |  4 Pages In the story â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, by William Faulkner, he describes Miss Emily first as â€Å"Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town†¦.† (William Faulkner 1103). It is clear that in her era, Miss Emily was seen as traditional American Southern women, who lived to become an inferior women to man but was later a burden to her society. She was a woman who was secluded from society, lived a psychopathic life, which at the end, and was no secretRead MoreThe American Dream By Thomas Jefferson1329 Words   |  6 Pagesability to be courageous, brave, and hardworking to survive in America, because many people could have a stronger mentality and surpass you. That definition of the dream is understood well by Massachusetts native Winslow Homer an American enthusiast and realism artist. Through his art Homer shows how different people of all ages and forms achieve the dream. The American dream may have many definitions however a quintessential component of the definition is always self belief. Over time the dream hasRead MoreHomers Obituary1082 Words   |  4 PagesHomer - obituary Homer is remembered as one of the greatest individuals to have ever lived and the present day society contains a great deal of concepts that he discussed. His poems have served as inspiration for many individuals who succeeded him and continue to trigger intense feelings in people who come across them. Although the time period that he lived in made it difficult for historians to get actively involved in discussing his life, there are numerous accounts regarding the mans existenceRead MoreThe Reconstruction In William Faulkners A Rose For Emily1243 Words   |  5 Pagesdecides to exempt the tax for Emily. Later, when the new generation grows up, they do not accept the old rule anymore. They start to ask Emily for tax, but she refuses to pay it. Emily falls in love with a Yankee, Homer Barron. Emily and Homer stay together until the last scene of Homer in Emily’s house. After that, he disappears. Emily becomes a fat lady, and her hair turns white. In the end, in Emily’s funeral, people find the skeleton on Emily’s bed and a long strand of iron-gray hair in the indentationRead MoreAnalysis Of Homer s The Iliad887 Words   |  4 Pagesgood morals towards others and it is a more logical way of living. In the ancient Greek era a majority of people were associated with the honor culture compare to the shame culture. The honor culture was more praised back then and the reason being is that everyone wanted to feel in control and powerful in a certain way. Homer believes that one culture is better than the other and the reason being is that Homer thinks that honor drives anger, anger drives war, which will revitalize the cycle back toRead MoreGreek Epics873 Words   |  4 Pagessociety conditions and the civilization of that history period. Homer; the authors of The Iliad and The Odyssey; and Vergil; the authors of The Aeneid are two of the greatest writers in ancient western civilization. There are heroes in these three literatures to reflect t he society and culture: Achilles, Odysseus and Aeneid. The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of the oldest ancient literatures by Homer in around 8th century B.C. (Homer, 2012). According to Redfield (1975), â€Å"the culture portrayedRead MoreEmily Killing Homer: A Crime of Passion or an Act of a Frightened Girl864 Words   |  3 PagesEmily Killing Homer: a Crime of Passion or Act of Frightened Girl Faulkner’s tail of â€Å"A Rose for Emily † is a tail of thousand stories. Set up in the old south, at the same time it intrigues you and dazzles you. It tells the story of a daughter from an upper class family that ends up killing her male companion, Homer Baron. A motive for killing him is not stated in the story, but if red carefully one could be implied. Critiques disagree on what might have motived Emily to kill homer. Some say it

The Concept Development Corporation Case Study Free Essays

Introduction This essay is centred upon the Concept Development Corporation case study in Crawford Di Benedetto, which contains important aspects about launching tangible products and intangible services. The case study would be linked to the product evaluation task in Figure 8.1 in order to ascertain the major differences between the evaluations of tangible goods and services, reasons why these differences existed, and the consequences in relation to the evaluation techniques and methods. We will write a custom essay sample on The Concept Development Corporation Case Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now The major differences that exist between the evaluation of tangible goods (like toys) and services are discussed henceforth. Firstly, the opportunities to deliver tangible products, and their market requirements are easily identifiable and discussed. For instance, in the case study, it was easy to identify that they wanted Toys with minimum expenditure, that would contain an element of education, paper, competition, numbers and the like, and be targeted at children under 12. However, in the writing services, their main aim was to be reactive to whatever clients require and design innovative services that meet industry and business needs. Evaluation of services, identification of its opportunities and its market descriptions are not as precise and clear as they are in product lines. These differences occur as a result of the nature of products and services. Products are physical items and their sales and elements are easily identifiable. For instance, it is easy to know what a toy is and represents, whilst difficult to understand the sort of benefit a writing service would constitute. Secondly, in product evaluations, it is easy to obtain samples of similar competitive products and compare them against the product line being launched. However, in service evaluations, its intangibility makes it difficult to evaluate competing services. Unlike product evaluations that entail looking at sales figures or launching the product in test environments in order to get judgemental responses, service deliveries in contrast usually get immediate responses from customers thus making it easier to evaluate. Preliminary market analyses could be easily conducted on product segments in that sales figures and product sales of own company and that of competitors could be easily obtained, whilst analyses of service elements cannot be obtained except they have a product element in them, feedbacks are obtained, or service prices are analysed. The reasons behind the difference in giving an initial review of product and service lines is because of the level of customer interaction present in service delivery. For instance, when delivering a writing service, the company would need to study clients and understand their requirements and expectations, and based on these expectations, a service delivery opportunity could be established. The interactions with customers make it possible to understand their requirements firsthand and tailor service deliveries specifically to their requirements. However, in product launches, the level of customer interaction is greatly reduced and in some cases inexistent, which makes it difficult to understand what their requirements are until the products have been designed, tested and launched. Thirdly, decisions on whether or not to develop a product could be based on specific and easily identifiable checklists and profile sheets, which could be easily answered. For instance, Concept Development Corporation could easily patent its Toy products, modify its design and score the product idea based on feedback and sales figure obtained. However, services cannot be easily stored, patented, readily communicated or easily reproduced, which make it difficult to decide on whether or not to provide it. But due to the fact that feedback is easily obtainable for services, then it could act as a necessary checklist for the product launch, in that customers could be asked for feedback and further ideas on the service lines, which could then be used in deciding whether or not to provide it. These differences exist typically because of risks inherent in launching services. Several service developments just like product developments require initial investments such as hiring and training s taff, and marketing the products to potential customers. However, in Toy products where there is a tried and tested market for Toys, and key success factors could be easily obtainable through research, the same cannot be said for service development. In developing services, the company needs to identify and understand the customer requirements, and even with that it is not yet certain whether or not the service delivery would be a success. This uncertainty is centred on the fact that the quality of service delivery, and the success of its development, is based on its ability to anticipate customer needs, its interaction with customers, how customers respond to this interaction, and how customers perceive the quality of this interaction. Fourthly, in the Development Phase, which is basically centred on progress reports and decisions on whether or not to develop, product launches entail the development of a tangible product so progress reports, protocol checks, prototype tests, concept tests and product use tests could be very easily ascertained. However, in service launches, there is little or no development, just the development and test of the concept, which is to be the service. For instance in the case study, the corporation intends to establish a writing service, but there is no development process essential, except for the procurement of products required to render this service and ensure it meets customer requirements. These differences exist because it is easier to develop a product prototype and test it, rather than it is to develop a service prototype. There is nothing called a service prototype because a draft or test service cannot be easily developed and tested. This is because for a service to be produc ed and tested, it needs the customer. Therefore if a prototype service were to be designed, it still needs customers for it to be produced and delivered. Therefore, Concept Development Corporation would need to design the writing service and how they intend to deliver it, then deliver a test product to a client, in the hope that the client would provide adequate feedback on the work for the company to know how the service would actually fare. However, in product prototype testing, everything could be done in house. The toys could be developed based on design specifications, and once the prototype is development, it could be tested against specified requirements, checklists and scored appropriately. Making it easier for the company to develop a high quality product. Lastly, the launch phase, which basically entails the testing of the product, is different for products and services. Decisions on whether or not to launch and market a product is centred on speculative sales, testing markets that have been simulated, controlled sales and test marketing, right before a general rollout is implemented. The initial stages before the rollout are utilised in ensuring that the rollout is successful and all necessary information regarding the products are understood and provided for. In service launches decisions on whether to launch a service, and relevant information surrounding that decision, are based mostly on the identification of an opportunity to provide this service, and customer participation in the test service process. The service quality perception is based to a large extent on the expectations of customers, and the manner in which employees affect the service delivery process. Mass production or launches in service lines are difficult. These d ifferences exist because customers are co-producers of the service delivery process, are often co-consumers with other consumers. Both products and services could be tested and simulated in particular markets, while controlled sales are implemented. However, those for products are more precise, objective and easily identifiable compared to services. Concept Development Corp could try delivering writing services to just a few companies initially, just like they could only sell toys in a few markets initially; whilst the feedback obtained from both, in different forms would guide eventually decisions on whether and how to rollout the service. Based on the differences identified and explained in the body of this essay, the likely consequences of these differences on evaluation techniques and methods have been identified. Firstly, the identification of business opportunities and decisions on where to focus efforts are easier for products than for services. The specifications and market descriptions for products are more precise, objective and straightforward, whereas for services, they are usually based on an idea and tailored specifically to the target’s requirements, which is usually not uniform. Secondly, immediate responses are more easily obtainable for service segments due to the level of customer interaction, while relevant market information and preliminary market analyses are easily obtainable for product segments. Thirdly, decisions on whether or not to develop, which are usually based on checklists and scoring models are best for product segments, while for services, it is better to observe and understand customer requirements. Fourthly, protocol checks and prototype testing are more easily done for product launches than for services as they are tangible, easily designed measured and tested, unlike services that are intangible and require an element of customer interaction. Lastly, market testing is different in product and service evaluations, but could be easily done in both. Therefore in conclusion, product and service evaluations differ to a considerable extent due to the intangibility of services and the level of customer interaction required, however, that does not render service evaluations irrelevant in any way. BIBLIOGRAPHY Crawford, C. M., and Di Benedetto, C. A. (2008) New Products Management, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 558pp Hartman, D. E., and Lindgren, J. H. (1993) Customer evaluations of goods and services: implications for services marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 7 (2), pp4 – 15 Zeithaml, V. A., and Bitner, M. J. (2006) Services marketing: integrating customer focus across the firm, McGraw-Hill, 708pp How to cite The Concept Development Corporation Case Study, Free Case study samples

Analysing Impact of Digital Business

Question: Discuss about the Analysing Impact of Digital Business. Answer: Introduction: The professional capability gap analysis plays an important role in analysis the areas of improvement. The job designation of the professional capability gap analysis is junior business analyst. The discipline specific knowledge highlights the job capacity as well developed SQL skills (Apsan et al. 2014). However, this s vague and does not clearly indicate the level of expertise of the person in the domain of SQL. The knowledge of the basic commands does not clearly define the level of expertise. The discipline specific knowledge could have been mentioned with more intricate details (Seiders et al. 2015). The written communication skills include the stakeholder management skills to be high. However, without adequate experience the level of expertise cannot be determined accurately. Thus, in order to determine the stakeholder management skills are good, practical experience is mandatory. The expertise in the communication skills are mentioned in details, however, the fluency in any particular language is not highlighted. The specific language in which the person is fluent should have been mentioned. The customer relationship skills are mentioned to be strong, yet lack of interaction with the real-time client has been mentioned (Apsan et al. 2014). These are contradictory to each other, as without experience, the expertise cannot be determined. The problem solving skills have been clearly mentioned and well defined (Seiders et al. 2015). Thus, the overall professional capability gap has been analysed well, along with few areas of improvement. The improvements need to be incorporated since according to this analysis the individual needs to enhance their skills. References Apsan Frediani, A., Boni, A. and Gasper, D., 2014. Approaching development projects from a human development and capability perspective. Seiders, K., Flynn, A.G., Berry, L.L. and Haws, K.L., 2015. Motivating customers to adhere to expert advice in professional services: a medical service context.Journal of Service Research,18(1), pp.39-58.

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Virtual Child free essay sample

A: Yes, but we will supplement with formula. 6) Q: You want Preslee to be active and curious about her environment, so you: A: give Preslee a lot of audio stimulation, including talking to her, singing to her, and listening to music. 3 Months: 1) Q: Preslee is easily irritated by loud noises and intense stimuli. She wakes up often at night in a random manner. You are getting grumpy. How will you deal with this? A: You or your partner will take turns soothing Preslee by rocking and talking softly. 2) Q: As a family with two working parents, what type of daycare will you choose? A: Hire a sitter to care for Preslee in your home. 3) Q: You and your partner need more sleep to keep up with the demands of work and childcare, so what do you do when Preslee wakes up crying at night? A: Feed/care for Preslee as soon as you can 4) Q: Preslee is awake about half of the time, sleeping about 6 hours at night and in three 2-hour blocks during the day. We will write a custom essay sample on Virtual Child or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When awake, she is sometimes moving about restlessly, and sometimes quiet or calm. A: Choose a variety of activities depending on Preslees mood and go with the flow. ) Q: Preslee is occasionally fussy after meals, and on rare occasions has diarrhea. However, most of the time Preslee is relaxed and content after meals. A: When Preslee is fussy, hold Preslee upright to your chest or shoulder and pat gently. Burping is needed (not you the baby! ). 6: Q: You notice that Preslee can learn a thing or two so you start working on her baby IQ! A: You show Preslee interesting objects such as rattles, mobiles, and stuffed toys and watch how interested she is in looking at them or reaching for them. ) Q: As you return to work, how will you feed Preslee? A: You will try to breast feed and pump when working outside the home. 8) Q: Preslee prefers people over objects, and smiles and interacts with nearly everyone. What will you do? A: Interact socially with Preslee as often as she likes, and take Preslee to meet new people often 8 Months: 1) Q: Preslee is comfortable in new situations, and seems to enjoy meeting new people even after an initial hesitation. A: You want Preslee to be a very sociable child, so you take her to meet lots of new relatives, neighbors and friends. 2) Q: You notice that Preslee seems to have little goals that involve two steps of planning ahead, so you encourage these cognitive advances by: A:encouraging Preslee to point to toys that are out of reach so you can get them for her, and encouraging Preslee to keep trying when there is an obstacle you know she can overcome. 3) Q: You want Preslee to establish a regular bed-time and sleep through the night. You think shes almost there. A: You make sure there are a lot of interesting activities in the evening to tire Preslee out, and encourage a healthy appetite for the last meal of the day, but you are flexible about bedtime, figuring Preslee needs to learn to recognize on her own when she is sleepy. 4) Q: Preslee is communicating much better nonverbally in the past two months, making gestures to indicate what she wants. A: You respond by giving Preslee what she wants or pointing to the item and saying what it is, even if you dont think Preslee knows the name of the item yet. ) Q: Preslee is taking a two hour nap every day, and sleeping six or more hours at a time at night. In other words, you have a new attachment to your pillow! Occasionally Preslee is fully awake in the middle of the night and wants to hang out and play with you. A: You decide to go with the flow, but try to calm Preslee down and focus her on one quiet activity for as long as possible at night. 6) Q: Recently Preslee has been in pretty good heal th, except for occasional bouts of indigestion and diarrhea. After these brief bouts are over, Preslee is usually interested in trying new foods. A: You start giving Preslee food from the familys dinner each day, ground up and mixed together using a baby food grinder. 7) Q: Preslee seems to have a hair-trigger reaction to everything, and is often fussy. When she is fussy: A: you stimulate and distract her with cheerful games and physical play. 8) Q: It has become clear that Preslee shows a preference for you over others (especially when distressed), with your partner a close second. How will your partner become a stronger attachment figure for Preslee? A: Your partner will spend more time changing diapers, feeding, and playing with Preslee. 9) How does your babys eating, sleeping and motor development compare to the typical developmental patterns? Preslees eating, sleeping, and motor developement has gone quite well lately. Ive made it to where she is able to try new foods such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. She is sleeping at night to where Ill get up maybe every now and then to soothe her. She is able to crawl and search around for her favorite objects, but not quite at the walking stage yet. She is a healthy, happy baby around new faces but enjoys being with her momma as much as possible. 10) At 8 months of age was your child an easy, slow-to-warm-up, or difficult baby in terms of Thomas and Chesss classic temperamental categories? On what do you base this judgement? Overall at 8 months of age, Preslee was an easy baby. She has some slow-to-warm-up tendencies, but shes getting closer and closer to achieving them everyday. She gets very fussy when it comes to having indigestion and diarrhea, but myself and her father try the best we can to soothe her completely with her needs. She loves exploring new things and familiar faces, but get sometimes shy around people she doesnt know. 11) How is your childs attachment to you and your partner developing? What is happening at the 3-month and 8-month periods that might affect attachment security according to Bowlby and Ainsworth, and various research studies? My partner and I are both working long hours throughout the day, while we have a sitter at home watching Preslee. When we get home in the evening we try and spend as much time all together as possible to keep that strong bond that we have together. Preslee is attached to me alot more then she is her father, but her father is making ways into taking over some motherly responsibilities such as feedings and diaper changing. As to Bowlby and his parental interactions, I feel that we are far away from the social deprivation issues and as to Mary Ainsworth, I believe we are doing our best to create a strong secure base for our little Preslee. 12 Months 1) Q: When strangers come to visit, they think Preslee is really cute so they want to hold Preslee. Usually, Preslee smiles and shows immediate signs of wanting to get down and approach or be held. In response to this you typically: A: pick Preslee up and hand her to the visitor as Preslee obviously wants to get to know this person. 2) Q: Preslee is constantly trying to expand her motor skills so you: A: construct all kinds of interesting things at home, such as boxes to crawl through, ramps to crawl and walk on, and wheeled toys to push around. You try the object permanence test again. This time, Preslee is able to find the object even after long delays and seems to think this is a great game! You set up two hiding places for the object and hide it under one of the two covers repeatedly. When you switch it to the second hiding place, she no longer has the problem you saw earlier of searching at the more common of the two hiding places. You cant even trick her by hiding it in your hand. Preslee likes this game and wants to play it over and over. 3) Q: Preslee enjoys throwing every toy out of her crib and watching what happens. Preslee seems to expect you to keep putting them back! A: You pick up the toys a few times, but dont want Preslee to learn to manipulate you, so you stop responding after the first few times. Your partner has received an advancement and a pay raise. The three of you celebrate, and Preslee is very happy, but doesnt have a clue what the party is about. 4) Q: Preslee often has negative reactions to new foods or to a change in routine. She will switch from happy to angry in a heartbeat. You cant help being irritable yourself, and you: A: smile and be soothing. Allow Preslee a choice of new vs. old things (e. g. , a food she likes vs. a new food). Preslees first birthday is coming in a few days! You invite all the relatives over and throw a big party. 5) Q: Preslee learned to walk recently and you are very excited! She is also an efficient crawler, and is exploring her environment eagerly. When she does something potentially dangerous, such as walking out into the street or crawling up onto the back of the couch, you: A: say No! , remove Preslee from the situation, and encourage her to do something in a safe area. At nine months old, Preslee began to understand a few words and point to something she wanted. At twelve months old, Preslee now clearly understands a couple of dozen words. In fact, Preslee just recently pronounced her first clear word and pointed at the object in question. Preslee seems to be as comfortable with Melody as an attachment figure as you and your partner. You are pleased to have a built-in babysitter. Moreover, Melody is willing to do light housework for the opportunity to live with you while she goes to school. 6: Q: Preslee and you seem to be getting more and more in sync. Preslee is happier and more willing to try new things when you are around. You: A: recognize these as signs of too much dependence on the part of Preslee, and encourage her to be more independent. 7) Q: Preslee is able to imitate new words and actions now, so you focus on: A: teaching her new motor skills, such as drinking from a cup, turning pages in books, etc. ) Q: Preslee has been in pretty good health, except for the occasional cold or brief bout of indigestion. A: You follow general precautions of not exposing her to people who might be sick 15 Months Preslee just turned 15 months of age, and you notice she often studies things in her environment and performs simple little experiments with them, almost like a little scientist. For example, she pushes her bat h toys under water at various depths and delightedly watches how high they pop back above the surface. 18 Months Preslee has shown some interesting new behavior. She acts shy when looking in the mirror, uses the word me a lot, and wants to do things herself. You think the new behavior is a sign of self awareness, and you have to decide what the balance will be between allowing Preslee to be independent and teaching her to follow your rules. 1) Q: Preslee has recently become resistant sometimes to your requests for cooperation. For example, she says no, or refuses things that she accepted before such as food or bath time. A: You recognize Preslee needs to have firm limits, explain that you need her help, and let her decide between two choices (both of which are things you want her to do! You are showing Preslee how to take care of the growing number of plants you have on the sunny balcony of your apartment. Fortunately the balcony is child-safe, and there is no danger of Preslee falling. 2) Q: Preslee sometimes takes on problems that are too difficult for her age level. She sometimes gets frustrated and gives up. When you see this happening, y ou: A: get involved in the activity and show Preslee how to solve part of the puzzle or build part of the tower. Your partner had a good-paying high tech job, but was laid off three months ago. You had to move into a smaller apartment in a noisy and crowded area downtown. Preslee has shown some signs of reacting to the family tension and unhappiness during this period. Fortunately your partner regains the job after four months, and you plan to move into a larger and better located apartment. You are concerned that all of this disruption might affect Preslee, who in fact has become less cooperative and more moody. 3) Q: Preslee is in a group day-care setting now. She settled in nicely, but in the past couple of weeks she has been hesitant to part with either you or your partner at daycare. She greets her main caregiver enthusiastically, but when you try to leave Preslee wants to leave with you. The caregiver keeps assuring you that Preslee calms down after you leave. What should you do? A: Nothing, as this is normal Preslee has a self concept now and is attempting to exercise her power to control events. Preslee has a tremendous drive to use her motor skills. You have to keep an eye on Preslee because she will quickly toddle off into the crowd at public places or even into the street! 4) Q: Preslee sometimes prefers quiet activities in her room, and sometimes likes more active games or sports. A: You and your partner encourage Preslee in physical activities, such as playing catch, climbing the jungle gym or kicking a ball around. Preslee doesnt seem to be able to clap or move in rhythm to music and doesnt seem interested in singing along with songs. You figure Preslee is a bit slow in learning about music, so you try to teach her some simple songs, but you dont pressure her. 5) Q: Preslee likes to play make believe with cups, dolls, and toy telephones. She sometimes talks to herself or makes the dolls and toy figurines talk to each other. A: Preslee likes to play make believe with cups, dolls, and toy telephones. She sometimes talks to herself or makes the dolls and toy figurines talk to each other. 6) Q: Preslee is calm when things are going smoothly, but gets very irritable and cries easily when tired or hungry. Sometimes she throws tantrums when pushed beyond her limits. A: You try to be sensitive to Preslees moods. When she seems overstimulated, you tone things down, and when she seems happy, you liven things up. 7) Q: Preslees language skills are developing rapidly, and she wants to talk to you almost all of the time. Preslee seems to know an unusual number of names for things. Sometimes you hear her talking to herself as she plays alone in her room. A: You have lots of conversations with Preslee when you hang out together or accomplish routine things such as feeding, clothing, and diapering. 8) Q: Preslee is very outgoing and friendly with new people. A: You take her out to participate in new activities, and to meet new adults and children as often as possible. The variety of experiences should be stimulating. 9) Q: You know that by age two and a half Preslee needs to be toilet trained for daycare/preschool. You buy a potty chair, training pants, and a little storybook about a child learning to use the potty. A: You praise her for small steps such as trying on the training pants and sitting on the potty chair, even if nothing happens. 10) Q: Preslee sometimes likes to explore the different ways that toys and blocks can be stacked or manipulated, and sometimes just stacks them the same way over and over again. A: You let her play as long as she is interested, and sometimes show her new ways of manipulating the toys.